Friday, December 31, 2010

Ending 2010 With Offer Confirmation

What a wonderful way to end 2010.

Here are the last offers to confirm this year. These confirmed quickly.

Go Get Auto Insurance $0.50 - This is for getting auto insurance
Go Insurance Rates $1.00 - This is for getting auto insurance
Paid Surveys At Home - $0.50 - Just fill out the form. You don't have to pay them any money


  1. When you complete the insurance offers do you have to agree to getting phone calls from insurance agents? If so, how do you deal with these calls?

  2. Hi Gilbert,

    Since you choose the insurance companies to receive quotes from, you are agreeing to let them phone you (unless the form gives you the choice of email to receive your quotes in).

    My advice is to ask any insurance company you're considering to send you more information in the mail. That way, you can look it over at your leisure and not be pressured into anything over the phone.